When it comes to decorating a nursery it can be difficult to know where to start. One important thing to remember is not to get too carried away with lots of different designs and ideas. It’s also practical to remember that a baby is not going to be small forever, especially if you aren’t planning on having to re-decorate any time soon.

Before you begin, we suggest you decided on a style or theme. A good place to start is to pick a statement piece of furniture, like one of our Incy Interiors Rose gold or yellow cots, then bounce off this. The style of your nursery furniture can in fact determine the entire style of the room. Incy’s Ellie crib for example is elegant and stylish. It works wonderfully with pastels, pink and grey. We love how how it looks against a grey wall with pinks, cream and grey accessories. We also love the idea of a gold name plaque on the wall, which compliments the cot perfectly and adds that personal touch. incy Ellie crib

Our Ellie crib is not just for a girls nursery either. A dark grey wall with navy blue and brown accessories would look equally as stunning for a little boys room. Alternatively, for a pop of color, our limited edition Clancy cot, in vibrant yellow, would make a stunning focal point within your baby’s room.

When decorating a nursery it’s also important to acknowledge whether the room will need to be adapted once your child grows. Or perhaps it will be updated from a boys room to a girls room, or vica versa.  With this in mind we emphasize the use of a more under-stated color pallet. This means you can easily change the look of the room. Accessories are a great way of adding colour and theme, that can then be updated later on. If you do want something patterned or themed, wall decals are a great way of doing this without being permanent. We also love the idea of a beautiful rug. Edit.58 are great for sourcing totally unique, and equally as beautiful, rugs and runners. A statement rug, or ceiling chandelier work perfectly within a child’s bedroom, adding a touch of design and luxury.

As well as Incy Interiors, we are big fans of the eco-friendly New York based furniture brand Oeuf. Simple, modern and practical, with a grown up feel. Oeuf may be a little more expensive than other brands you can find on the high street, but the contemporary design will suit any room within your home. Oeuf will provide that longevity that you don’t tend to get with other styles of nursery furniture. Oeuf dresserTheir dressers for example work perfectly as a baby change station. We also love their toy stores and mini-libraries for all those wooden toys and books. Oeuf’s Perch bunk beds for older children are also stunning and really worth considering for larger rooms. We love the way they can be configured. You can even detach the bottom bunk and move it to a different room if you have guests.

Storage brings us onto the next important factor of designing and decorating a nursery. Babies come with a lot of stuff. Whatever you are planning, we suggest doubling it. Built in wardrobes are a great idea as they can house clothes as well as toys and accessories depending on how you design the inside. Add shelving as well as hanging rails for e.g.  It may be tempting to invest in a children’s wardrobe but it won’t be long before your baby’s clothes have expanded considerably.  We also love the idea of a DIY changing station. take a vintage-style dresser and add a changing mat on-top.

Please visit our website to view our collection of Children’s nursery and playroom furniture. We also have everything you need to add those finishing touches. Wooden toys and sweet, soft, baby gifts, will add whimsical and traditional charm.

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