Four Different Things You Can Feed Your Goldfish

Being able to find the right type of food for your goldfish can be a very tough quest. There are a number of different food types available, and the shelves of any local pet shops are perhaps lined up with varying brands. For the most part, goldfish owners feed their fish one or even more of four common food types. In order to find the best food item for your goldfish along with your feeding schedule, below are the four different food options you can feed your fish:

Flake Food

A number of goldfish keepers opt for flake food as it is one of the most commonly accessible types of commercial foods. Flake foods for goldfish vary from the standard flake fish food because of the varied nutritional needs that the goldfish have. Sometimes, the flakes float at the top of the fish tank until they are eaten. This helps reduce the amount of wasted food which can sully the tank’s water.

Pellet Food

Food pellets are very much similar to the flake food in a sense that they are formulated and processed particularly for the goldfish. These individual food pieces sink to the bottom of the task after feeding, which gives goldfish an ability to scavenge for their dinner, a pastime activity that many goldfish seem to enjoy. Click here to read


Bloodworms are basically high-protein treat for goldfish. They can be bought from the pet and fish stores and are available in frozen, live and freeze dried form. If you intend to feed live bloodworms to your goldfish, make sure they are acquired from a reputable source to avoid potentially contaminating your fish tank with microbes and other harmful bacteria. You can even avoid this risk by feeding your fish with the frozen variety of worms.

Brine Shrimp

Like the bloodworms, brine shrimp are rich in protein. These small crustaceans are loved by the large-scale goldfish keepers because of the ease of cultivating them at home, which helps assure a constant source of high-protein fish food. Just as it is with the bloodworms, if you are buying brine shrimp from anywhere else, make sure you pay utmost attention to the quality and opt for frozen dried shrimp just to be safe  from any potential contamination.

As flake and pellet foods are commonly available, many goldfish prefer the taste of brine shrimp and bloodworms. For all the fish keepers with large number of goldfish, brine shrimp happens to be a common choice as of how quickly the renewable food can be cultivated at home. Even though some of the food types are a lot better for the tank’s water than others, it is imperative that you perform frequent water changes and also clean the bottom of the fish tank, no matter what sort of food you use. In the end, the key here is to find a food that your fish loves and is perfect for your feeding situation.

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