How Cannabis Treatments Have Yielded Results for Pets

Household pets have many of the same conditions, illnesses, and diseases than humans have. From digestive issues to cancers, there are thousands of known diseases – both common and rare – that impact our favorite pets.

A variety of medical and scientific studies have shown that cannabis – and more specifically, the hundreds of components within it – possesses genuine medical benefit for humans in many areas. As it would turn out, the same applies to animals as well.

In order to understand more about what benefits cannabis treatments may provide to pets, let’s examine a few examples of those benefits and how they are made possible.


The endocannabinoid system is at the core of why cannabis treatments have yielded results in health outcomes for various pets. To understand how endocannabinoids help, it is important to state that 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly referred to as THC) is not involved in these treatments. Instead, the medicinal value of phytocannabinoid components such terpenes and flavonoids are what have produced remarkable results. The hundreds of chemical components found in cannabis – those which do not have any inherent recreational use – can also be found in hemp and other naturally-occurring plants.

In Dogs, Less Skittish Behavior

Neurologists, veterinarians and pet owners are recommending one particular solution for owners with skittish dogs. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has been used for years to help treat a variety of stress-related conditions. One common example of skittish dog behavior relates to a sense of fear around loud noises or large groups of people. In tests conducted, most dogs who suffer from this behavior have experienced notable improvements in behavior when surrounded by these situations. This ultimately helps benefit both the dog and the pet owner.

In Cats, Anti-Anxiety Properties

While the chemical component THC is known to elicit recreational effects, the primary benefits of CBD are to reduce anxiety. It also possesses anti-psychotic properties. Particularly in elder cats where stress is a naturally-occurring phenomenon, CBD oils and extracts have been used successfully to improve feline behavior noticeably. In addition, CBD offers anti-inflammatory benefits that can help elder cats (and pets of all types) with inflammation, arthritis, and other painful ailments.

Elimination of Seizures and Other Neurological Problems

It is common – especially in older pets – for a variety of neurological problems to manifest. Some pets, unfortunately, suffer from conditions regardless of age, such as epilepsy. In trials, both cats and dogs alike have benefited from the use of cannabis derivatives in treating the symptoms of epilepsy. A dramatic reduction, if not outright elimination of seizures, has been observed.

Additionally, a wide variety of other neurological problems have seen their symptoms dramatically diminished through the use of products derived from both cannabis and hemp. Since these components relax the nervous system in both animals and humans, it can drastically reduce the likelihood of adverse side effects caused by the primary component of the neurological disease.

While it is not recommended to administer cannabis directly to any pet, a variety of CBD products do exist that allow for management of any negative symptoms present in pets. By isolating and extracting the medically-beneficial components of cannabis, many illnesses can be managed or treated. This provides countless pets with the possibility of enjoying healthier and longer lives that are not ruined by disease.

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