Pros and Cons of Buying a Dog

First of all, you need to decide for what purposes you need a dog. Do you want the dog to guard you and your house? Do you want a god to be a friend for your children? Do you want your dog to go hunting with you? Or maybe you want to visit exhibitions with it?
But in any case, it’s not worth getting a dog just for the hell of it. Having a dog requires patience, time and a lot of hard work.

So, here are the advantages of buying a dog:

1. If you love animals and expect the mutual feelings from your pet, a dog is your best bet because this animal will always adore you no matter what.
2. If you want to improve your physical form, then buy a dog, because with it you will take long walks in the fresh air.
3. If you want to take care of someone, and your children have already grown up, then a four-legged friend is what you need.
5. If you are fond of hunting, the dog of the hunting breed will become a reliable helper for you.
6. One more reason to get a dog is your desire to get acquainted with new people, like-minded people. You will be looking forward to a new walk or exhibition to discuss your favorite pets with other owners.
7. A dog will never be angry with you and will not betray you.
8. You will become an organized person, because the animal needs to be fed, walked, bathed periodically, etc.
9. With the help of a dog, you will be able to realize at least one childhood dream because everyone wants to have a god as a child.
10. If you have a child in your family, they will not be bored with a four-legged friend and will learn how to take care of it and be responsible.

Here are the disadvantages of buying a dog:

1. Do not buy a dog if you get hot under the collar every time you see some mess in the house. Dogs are pretty messy, and you know about it.
2. If you are allergic to dog hair, there is no chance for you to have a dog.
3. You have to walk your dog, come rain or shine.
4. It is quite expensive to have a dog – food, vitamins, vaccines – everything costs an arm and a leg nowadays. And if you want to become the owner of a pedigree pet and hope for its pedigree use, then you have to spend money on exhibitions, haircuts and training.
5. The dog requires constant attention. you need to communicate with it, teach it how to behave.
6. No use buying a dog if you are often away on business trips.
7. Your pet friend can whine and bark, which can annoy your neighbors.
If you have weight up all pros and cons and decided on buying a dog, do your homework – visit various sites like Kijiji offering tips for those buying a cat or a dog, communicate with the dog owners, find out where the nearest pet vet is located, what food you should buy, etc. You should also consider different breeds because they are designed for different purposes.

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