The Rise of Celebrity Pets

Celebrity dogs and cats – nobody could have guessed there would be a surge in popularity of pets being famous on the internet, particularly Instagram thus making them ‘Insta-famous apparently. As social media sites have become more wisely use, people have increasingly found more opportunity to explore them.

LunaPieWhippet is one such ‘superstar’ dog doing the rounds on Instagram. With over 4200 supporters she often shares fun, adorable pictures of her sleeping or playing with toys and sticks. She’s a 10-month old whippet pup who does the typical puppy things, and her owners have photographed them and it and put them onto her Instagram and her website to document her growing up. Take a look at her website by going to

This appears to be what most users really engage with nowadays. The reason why it appears to be so popular, and works so well, is the fact it taps in to the group of folks who love pet dogs but can’t have their own, possibly because their house contract forbids them to, or maybe they have allergies – load of possible reasons. This makes following other pet dogs on Instagram or Facebook easier, and provides people the feeling that they’re a part of their lives. They feel just like your dog is part of their family and really helps to fill up that dog-shaped void in their lives that they are unable to complete themselves.

I believe it’s great having so many cats and dogs and other pets or animals populating Instagram nowadays. I follow plenty of them myself. It’s nice to have the ability to scroll through my feed and find loads of lovely pictures of puppies and kittens (and the older pets too!).

A few of these celebrity puppies have even ended up doing some great work and having a positive impact on the lives of others. Manny the Frenchie is a French Bulldog who has raised over $100,000 for charities including the ASPCA and the Special Olympics. He also visits hospitals and old peoples’ homes to cheer the residents up. Pretty good for a pet! This just goes to show that maybe it’s not as weird and odd to market your pet after all. Great things can come from it, even if this is one of the more extreme examples.


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